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Photo Shoots - Private or Professional

What is a Santa visit without lots of photos?  You never know what to expect when the children interact with “The Santa Couple.”  We suggest you might have an extended family member or friend there to capture the experience.  Often you are so busy enjoying the moment that you forget to take the photos.  

If this Santa visit is an extra special event, you might consider hiring a professional photographer that would come take photos.  There are also photo booths you can rent for the event.  

There is just something so special about having a professional photographer take some candid photos of your family with “The Santa Couple.”  We will let you arrange the photographer and location if this were something you would like.  In the big scheme of things—you will  never ever regret having professional photos taken.  

For photographers looking to hire a “The Santa Couple” for a public photo event we suggest you do it before Thanksgiving when our prices are lower.  See rates page for the numbers. 

Photographers we highly recommend: Shauna Rae Greenfield-Stewart takes all our professional photos.  Mark Daniel can come to your site, take the photo and produce a print right there for you to take home with you.

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