Tips for an Extraordinary Visit From The Santa Couple

Getting Your Child Ready for a Visit from The Santa Couple:

Nice isn’t Always Perfect – It is not a reasonable expectation that kids are going to be perfect—even Santa cannot manage that! Santa does not want them to feel bad about themselves when they are doing what kids do – making mistakes. Encourage nice behaviors, demonstrate how to talk to each other with kindness and gentleness, but try to not confuse that with a need to be perfect. When discussing behavior with your children, keep the focus positive. “Santa is going to be happy that you put your toys away” sends a more positive message than the threat “Santa’s not going to bring you anything.”  

A Request from Santa – Though it may be tempting when you are having an exhausting day with your child, please don’t threaten them with the message that Santa is not going to come if your child is “naughty.” Santa loves all children, whether naughty or nice and does all he can to bring out the best in them.  

Getting Ready for the Event:

  • Schedule early to avoid disappointment – Many people who want prime time schedule early in the year.  We have been doing this a long time and have tons of requests for personal appearances.  If you do not call before November, you may be disappointed.  
  • Caution hot – Santa and Mrs. Claus dress very warm during winter visits.  Please do not set us in front of a lit fireplace or other hot area. Consider having a fan on in the area where we will be sitting if it is warm. 
  • The Seating – Santa and Mrs. Claus will need sturdy chairs without arms—if guests are invited to sit on the knee. A straight-backed dining chair will work fine. Leave a bit of room behind the chair for family photos if possible. Sitting on a couch is usually NEVER a good idea.  Santa’s lap needs to be straight out from where he is sitting if you want anyone to sit on his knee—or to look our best for your photos.  
  • Parking Spot – Please have a parking spot available for us. It should be nearby but not in view of the guests if this is a surprise. A couple of trash cans or a sawhorse placed in a parking spot is usually enough.
  • Payment – Be sure you have made your payment at least one week ahead of your event so we can focus on your guests and make it a wonderful time for all. 

Set the Stage for the Event:

  • Santa’s Grand Entrance – It is always special for Santa and Mrs. Claus to make a grand entrance. Plan for your guests to arrive before Santa. We can contact you 5-10 minutes prior to our arrival if requested. Be prepared for your guests to all gather around and take photos of the grand entrance.
  • Taking Photographs – About everyone will be taking their own photos with a cell phone even if you are providing a photographer.
    1. If “The Santa Couple” will be seated for photos try to avoid “back lit”  background areas for your pictures such as a window (during the day) or a plain white wall these backgrounds are so bright they will result in our faces and your visitors face to be darkened or in a shadow. A Christmas Tree always makes for a pretty background.
  • Passing Out Gifts – If Santa will be passing out gifts be sure that they have labels that are easy to read. (Santa even likes it if you print the names on the gift with a Sharpie.) Santa’s big gift bag is about the size of a 32-gallon trash bag. If there are more presents than that, let them know so they can bring a second bag for Mrs. Claus to carry. If gifts are exceptionally large or heavy, they will need help to carry them in.  
  • Please no smoking – Santa and Mrs. Claus do not smoke and would prefer to not be around smoke as our outfits pick up that odor. 

Taking Care of Payment:

We prefer pre-payment so that giving payment does not have to interrupt the magic of the visit.  If there is a payment due at the time of your event, please place it inside of a Christmas card or an envelope labeled “For Santa” and hand it to Santa at the end of his visit stating, “Here is a thank you card for visiting us.”


Additional tips:

If the visit is longer than one hour, Santa or Mrs. Claus might need a restroom break.   

It is appreciated if your Santa’s helpers would check the children’s hands and faces for sticky or messy areas. Please provide hand wipes to help with this task. The elves in charge of keeping Santa’s suit fresh and clean thank you.

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