The Santa Couple Idaho Personalized Video

No matter where you live around the world, your child will be thrilled to get a personalized video from “The Santa Couple?” 

We can record a five-to-ten-minute video, from our North Pole home, with a message of love, happiness, and the joy of the Christmas Season.  Of course, we will be prepared with some ‘insider information’ that only Santa (and perhaps a parent or grandparent knows.)  If a live visit cannot take place, this is a great choice. 

Perhaps you have a special announcement for the child, a gift hidden somewhere or a surprise upcoming vacation.  “The Santa Couple” would love to be the ones to surprise them with your really good news.  When you contact us to schedule this fun surprise, we will send you the form to fill out with the ‘insider information.’   

Once we have completed the video, we will send you the message via email and you can share it at your leisure.

The fee for this service is $100.  

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