Mrs. Claus Idaho Solo Visits

Mrs. Claus Solo Visits

There may be times when Santa is unavailable that Mrs. Claus may be able to make your event special.  We’ve found that children are thrilled to see Mrs. Claus—it’s so unexpected.  One small boy said, “I didn’t even know Mrs. Claus was real until I saw you.”  

And there are some locations where it may be too distracting to have Santa appear.  Mrs. Claus is the perfect solution.  (Santa does tend to get mobbed when he appears unannounced in public.) 

Here are some activities Mrs. Claus would love to do on her visit:

  • Birthday parties to read or play games, maybe even decorate cookies.
  • Library story times.

  • Story times or crafts in classrooms.

  • For those who love the “Little House” books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Mrs. Claus would love to tell the story of the year Santa couldn’t visit the little house. 

  • Lead a Christmas sing-along.

  • Answer questions about Santa and the North Pole. 

  • Retirement homes love a visit from Mrs. Claus.

  • Mrs. Claus has a Santa puppet to interact with the children.  
  • Mrs. Claus enjoys sharing with adult audiences the year the White House had no Christmas tree, and the story how the Teddy Bear came to be known.


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