The Santa Couple Idaho for Home Visits and Private Parties

The Santa Couple at your Home Visits, Private Parties, School Visits, etc.

  • You plan the party, and “The Santa Couple” will delight your guests with their appearance, at just the right moment, of your choosing.   The visit will be in the safety and comfort of your own home (or any location you choose).
  • “The Santa Couple” are non-drinkers, non-smokers, will not wear any fragrances, and will put on fresh white gloves before each visit.  
  • They are fantastic with children who are shy and those with special needs. They both wear hearing aids so can sympathize with children wearing them. 
  • Santa has a calming demeanor and voice. It is so fun to have The Santa Couple at your event spreading the joy and happiness of Christmas!  When children are a little fearful of Santa, Mrs. Claus is often able to help them warm up to him.  
  • A visit often includes (and we are open to additional suggestions) 
    • Chatting with the group of children, telling his “Santa” jokes
    • Reading a story
    • Singing Christmas songs
    • As time allows, each child has their own time with Santa to tell their wishes and get their picture with “The Santa Couple.”  
    • Group or family photos. 
    • Folks often have gifts for each child out front for Santa to put in his gift bag and bring in.  Please print the names large on the gifts

The Santa Couple at Your Business or Corporate Event

Inviting “The Santa Couple” to your business parties is a terrific way to enliven the evening’s entertainment.  Ask Santa to pass out their gifts or bonus checks.  

What child is not anxious for a visit with Santa to tell their wishes. Many businesses provide a professional photographer or photo booth to make the evening even more memorable for the families.  

Businesses often have Santa come right into their shop for photos with Santa.  It certainly draws in the customers.  Others invite them for their annual Christmas Gala for their employees.  Having “The Santa Couple” with you at your business brings joy and delight to employees and customers alike.  

Businesses where they have taken their jolly:

Gateway Snow Park—Eagle, ID

Miracle Ear—Eagle, ID

Crane Creek Country Club—Boise, ID

Cabela’s—Boise, ID

Lifeline Pregnancy Center

Festival of Trees—Nampa, ID


Retirement homes 

Stella’s Ice Cream Parlor

The Santa Couple for your Subdivision Party

What a fun activity for a subdivision to have in their clubhouse.  You might plan games for the families, cookie decorating, snacks, and a visit with “The Santa Couple” to top off the event.  

If you want it to be even more special, you might ask for Owyhee Express Carriage Company to come give families rides around your subdivision.  The pricing for the carriage is $450 which includes two hours of riding time.  Now who would not want to go on a carriage ride with Santa and Mrs. Claus.  If interested, contact them to see if arrangements can be made on your date of choice.  Fees for “The Santa Couple” would be in addition and are listed on our “rates” link.  

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