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Celebrating the Birth of Jesus with "The Santa Couple!"

“The Santa Couple” believes that Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Christ. That is what Saint Nicholas believed and why he lived his life giving to others.  His gift giving is the foundation for the stories of Santa Claus of today.  

“The Santa Couple” are pleased to offer families the option of having a faith-based visit with Santa. Santa honors and respects diversities in faith but offers this special visit to those wishing to celebrate the birth of Jesus.   

Your visit may include:

  • Talk about the birth of Jesus and his birthday.

  • Telling the true story of Saint Nicholas, the gift giver. 

  • Share the Nativity Story. (Or read it from Luke chapter 2 if requested).

  • Share that it is more blessed to give than receive. 

  • Asking your family if they have prayer requests.

  • End with a prayer of blessing for all in attendance.


Our faith is an important part of who we are. Whether it is a home visit, working in a retail setting or doing a virtual visit we are sensitive to the desires of the family. You might request we mention Jesus’ birthday while others would appreciate a more comprehensive approach. Jesus’ birth is a message we are eager to share.

Santa Vernon was a minister in three Christian Churches in Oregon for 35 years before retiring to Idaho in 2000.  Mrs. Claus was his side kick, teaching children’s classes all those years.   Santa’s had a beard since 1971 and when it turned white, and folks started calling him Santa—well why not?!  Mrs. Claus made his first suit and a couple of years later she made herself a dress and  joined him on visits.  What a wonderful time we have in retirement spreading the reason for the season—Jesus’s birth!  

“The Santa Couple” would love to be a part of the fun of your Christmas faith-based event.  Christmas gifts are representative of generosity and grace, whether or not we are deserving. Santa realizes that children look forward to receiving gifts at Christmas but will share the true joy of giving to others and those less fortunate.


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