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Our Family's Christmas Memories

Everyone wants to save their memories from year to year, but it doesn’t always happen.  Mrs. Claus is a “Life Story Coach” and has an idea to help you save your Christmas memories.  The earlier in your children’s lives you begin—the better! 

Here are my simple suggestions to save your Christmas memories on your computer:

  1. Create a folder in your “pictures” folder titled “Christmas.”
  2. Within that folder create a folder for each year as Christmas rolls around.  
  3. Within the yearly folder drop all Christmas pictures you take. Get them off your phone and into this file.  (Be sure to include names)
  4. Fill out the “Family’s Christmas Memories” form (I’ve provided) and drop it in that year’s “Christmas” folder. (It is a Word file)
  5. If any special memories are made, consider creating a file for that memory and writing out the happenings for your future enjoyment.  Pop that into the “Christmas” file also.  (In my life-story classes I call that “writing an episode.” )  You might include the pictures that go with the story.
  6. Each year at Christmas, open up the “Christmas” folder and relive the memories of Christmases past.  You will be so glad you saved your precious memories. 
  7. Plus, when the kids leave home, you can give them a copy of all those memories you have saved. No photo albums to fight over!

Christmas Memories Form

Feel free to use our free Christmas Memories Template. You can use this to document Christmas memories with your family and loved ones for years to come.

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