Baby’s 1st Visit

Make your child’s first visit with Santa memorable!

You needn’t fight the crowds at the mall–which will only stress you and your baby out–besides all those GERMS!  Instead Invite Santa and Mrs. Claus to make a private visit to your home for this special occasion.

Decorate the house, light the candles, play Christmas music softly and invite someone to snap those precious photos.  Just be sure Mom and/or Dad are free to interact with Santa and not busy with the camera.

Invite Grandpa and Grandpa to be guests at this once in a lifetime experience of your little one.  Our best advice is to make it low key without a lot of people or activity that is distracting to baby.  If you have older children, that of course, is fine.

Instruct your photographer to not wait for the perfect Santa pose because it may not ever come.  Just keep snapping photos.  You are documenting the child’s first exposure to Santa and something for them to enjoy for years to come and share with their own children some day.

Santa and Mrs. Claus will come to your home for “up to an hour” for their regular fee of $200.  Contact us at 208-761-4237 or with questions or to schedule a visit.

Getting ready for Santa’s visit:

  1. Display the laminated photo we will provide when you schedule your visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus.  Show baby often, perhaps let them hold it if they are old enough.
  2. Find all the happy Santa pictures you can find to show your child.  Get them excited about Santa at the beginning of the holiday season so that they already feel like they know Santa.  Tell stories about the jolly man who brings presents to girls and boys around the world or share memories of what Santa meant to you as a child.
  3. Draw their attention to all the fun Santa toys, books and ornaments you see in the stores.
  4. Perhaps buy a small Santa toy they can play with.
  5. Wear a red Santa hat often so baby gets used to seeing it.  Especially wear it at the time of Santa’s arrival.
  6. Wear a red shirt often so baby is used to seeing the color red.
  7. Be excited that Santa is coming to visit.
  8. Be careful to not paint a scary picture of Saint Nick ahead of time.  Never say “Don’t be afraid, Santa’s not going to hurt you.”  That will introduce them to a possibility they never thought of.  Instead, talk about how fun it will be, and show your child a picture of a sibling or a cousin perched happily on Santa’s lap.
  9. Let your child watch as YOU go up and greet and hug Santa as he arrives.  Sit next to Santa for a moment so your child understands that Santa is a “safe” person.  You might call your child onto your lap, while you are sitting by Santa, or on his lap. If they are afraid be sure they are on your far knee away from Santa.  That way you are a safety buffer between them and Santa.  Let your child come to Santa, don’t force them.
  10. You may let Santa hold some of the child’s favorite toys–or the Santa toy you purchased–and Santa will invite the child to play with him.