The Santa Couple Idaho 365 Visits

The Santa Couple are always available to provide Christmas experiences 365 days a year for children and their families who are battling life threatening illnesses. We can come dressed in the traditional outfits, summer outfits, or just red casual clothing—whatever you prefer.  

We can design the visit to accomplish whatever you desire.  At a regular visit we chat with the children, let them ask questions, read a story, tell a joke or two, sing a song and let the children tell Santa their wishes.  Santa was a Christian minister for 25 years and has an endearing bedside manner and would love to pray with your family.  We want to make our visit special for your child and family and will do whatever we can to comply with your desires.  You might like to arrange to give us some gifts to present to the child (person).  

Mrs. Claus would be happy to sew a Christmas themed pillowcase for the person in need.  

These visits are always with no charge as our way of showing God’s loving care for each of His children. 

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